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10 Things We Have Learned So Far About Coronavirus

Have you heard about Coronavirus, a trending topic nowadays? It is a new virus initiated in China, Wuhan, and spread to almost 100 countries in the Middle East, North America, Europe, and Asia. Over 100,000 people have been its victims, causing fear of epidemic disease.

An increased number of people have become the patients of this Virus in China, mainly Wuhan and the significant number of deaths have reported there. However, now Italy, Iran, and South Korea are dealing with considerable cases. 

A lot of things are not known about the Coronavirus, which includes how many individuals have asymptomatic or mild infections, and while they can transmit the virus or not. 

Let us talk about the top ten things we all have learned so far about this virus and the outbreak. 

What is Coronavirus?

The name Coronavirus is due to the spikes that appear from the surface, similar to the sun’s corona or crowns. These spikes can affect both human beings and animals, and it cause infections in the respiratory tract. Every year, at least four types of Coronaviruses can result in mild infections, such as a common cold.